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Abundant Life Kitchen

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Why it's important that Abundant Life Cafe continues to pivot and expand...

If you've met Kate or had any of her delicious, plant-based creations at the local farmers' market you'll know exactly why she belongs here. Not only that, her continued expansion regionally will help meet demand for her wide range of goodies that are sure to please. Many of you are looking for a healthier diet, have food restrictions due to health concerns, or simply want to try new things.

The only Vegan AND Gluten-free meal AND dessert option for Lexington and surrounding areas.

Abundant Life Kitchen expanded with the brick and mortar addition of 'Abundant Life Cafe' inside the Lexington YMCA and with careful consideration will be closing December 31st, 2022. The experience has been amazing seeing and talking to community members we haven't met before. Kate will continue to work from her home while raising her family. You can continue to find her products at the local farmers markets and online!

Woman-Owned, Woman-Powered

You guys, literally! We hear all the time about woman-owned businesses but how many have started from the ground up, from a dream and hard work!? Abundant Life Kitchen is the result of just that. Be sure to pre-order platters and sides as we move forward into the Holiday Season!

Are you Sweet or are you Savory?

Speaking of Holiday Season, order your SWEET or SAVORY Holiday Platter today to be picked up or delivered for Christmas and New Years! Fill your table this season with foods that meet ALL your guests' needs. Complete the form below and return to the booth at the Farmers' Market! Our sides and desserts are also available to order!

holiday platter order form 110222
Download PDF • 3.30MB

Interested in a Plant Based Diet or new to Gluten-free eating?

If you're new to a plant based diet or Gluten-free eating, let's connect! We hope to send out our newsletter with upcoming events and information as much as possible. For now, come by the Downtown Lexington Farmers Market and the Buena Vista Farmers Market for goodies and more information!

Live abundantly and see you soon!

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